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The Children’s Media Foundation Launches its Annual Yearbook as the Industry Faces an Uncertain Future

Monday 4th July 2022 – Against the backdrop of significant change in children’s media, the Children’s Media Foundation (CMF) is today launching its annual Yearbook at the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield.  A unique publication in its field, the Children’s Media Yearbook edited by Hannie Kirkham, Research Manager, Oriel Square and Dr Ashley Woodfall, Senior […]

Yearbook 2022: Industry Under Pressure – Audience Under Threat

Anna Home, OBE. Chair of the Children’s Media Foundation lays out the issues facing the chidlren’s media industry and audience in 2022 in this introduction o the Children’s Media Yearbook. In my article for last year’s Yearbook I ended on an optimistic note. The Young Audiences Content Fund (YACF) was clearly making good progress despite production […]

Yearbook 2022 Preview: Can We Help Our Children Save The Planet?

Gary Pope, CEO of KI and Children’s Ambassador for Products of Change wrote this article for the Chidren’s Media Yearbook 2022. We’re in trouble. All of us. In fact, unless we halve our carbon emissions by 2025, irreparable damage will be done. Actually, it’s not all of us, is it? It’s just those of us […]

Yearbook 2022 Preview – The Metaverse: Words of Definition and Caution on the Word of the Year

This is Japhet Asher’s article for the Children’s Media Yearbook 2022. Japhet is Director of Polarity Reversal. Via his film La Chinoise, Jean Luc Godard suggested we should view the work of Méliès, the first fantasy filmmaker, and the Lumière Brothers, the first documentarians, the other way round. You can argue that the Lumières, by placing […]

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