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CMF VR Roadshow

“Conjuring Magical Experiences for Kids in VR” is the 3rd in a series of VR and Kids roadshows organised by the Children’s Media Foundation. It will be on Tuesday 25th September in Manchester. Hosted by Immotion (Studio Liddell), the event will look at Experience Design for kids in Virtual Reality. The 4th event is planned for Bristol in November. […]

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Learning In The Digital Age

Despite concerns about kids’ online activity, there’s little doubt that digital engagement benefits learning.  As children prepare to return to school next month, the London School of Economics blog Parenting For A Digital Future discusses the advantages of digital resources, particularly for those with disabilities or impairments. “I use my phone like any other teenager would”  How do teenagers with […]


CMF Funding Drive

Our August fundraising campaign has seen a number of new supporting companies and individual patrons joining up and helping keep the Foundation afloat. Thank you and welcome to: Cloth Cat Animation, Factory, Flipbook Studio, Fudge Animation, Jetpack Distribution, Karrot Entertainment, Nine Lives Media, Sandbox & Co and Zespa Media.  You too can be in this happy […]

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Invisible Children

Invisible Children:  Children’s Media, Diversity, and Forced Migration is a free event to present the findings of three workshops on screen content which reflects or empowers migrant and refugee children. 14 September, 2018 10.30- 17.15 including lunch Venue: King’s College London Email to register. To find out more, access the Programme. The symposium presents findings from previous Manchester, Copenhagen […]

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No Snowflakes Please, We’re Grange Hill

In an article for the Children’s Media Yearbook 2018, Diana Hinshelwood looks at the rise and fall of Grange Hill. Kids today, eh?  What are they like? No respect.  In my day, we didn’t … etc. etc.  Despite obvious differences in technology and taste in music, they’re more similar to us when we were at […]


Cracking the Code

Following her inspirational CMC Keynote, Baroness Beeban Kidron is appealing to producers, digital practitioners, broadcasters and all interested parties to submit comments to the Information Commissioner (ICO) Consultation on the Age Appropriate Design Code. The Code will work with GDPR to inform the regulation of companies that store and use children’s data, and any legal cases which  might ensue. Baroness Kidron, with […]

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Kids and VR

“Conjuring Magical Experiences for Kids in VR”  is the 3rd in a series of VR and Kids’ roadshows organised by the Childrens’ Media Foundation. It will be on Tuesday 25th September in Manchester. Hosted by Immotion (Studio Liddell), the event will look at Experience Design for kids in Virtual Reality. Peter Caddock, Head of Immersive Technologies at Immotion […]

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Beano’s Immortal Birthday Secret

The Beano is 80 years old this week. Michael Stirling, Head of Beano Studios Scotland, offers his take on its enduring popularity, in this article for the Children’s Media Yearbook 2018… As Beano zooms – Billy Whizz style – towards being 80 years young, it’s proud to finally reveal the secret of its success, via a bold […]


Contestable Conversation

A recent meeting with Ben Roberts, Director of the Film Fund at the BFI, who is leading the work to develop the plans for the Public Service Contestable Fund, revealed it’s making good progress.  The DCMS is still involved in the planning and Margot James MP is the minister now responsible.   Ben was adamant that the Fund will be targeted […]

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Children’s Media Conference Round-up

The new CMF Newsletter Editor, Diana Hinshelwood, gives a CMF perspective on the UK’s major industry gathering, The Children’s Media Conference, which took place in Sheffield, 3-5 July 2018. Although I’ve attended CMC before, this was my first conference as the new Editor for the CMF Newsletter.  My brief was to act as a ‘roving […]

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