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Our Children’s Future: Does Public Service Media Matter?

Welcome To The Debate…

The CMF Public Service Media Campaign brings together people with a passion for children's media and a shared commitment to putting the younger audience at the centre of the national debate on the future of public service content.

Read our multi-authored Report: Our Children's Future: Does Public Service Media Matter? Or browse the articles and authors below.


Download: Our Children's Future: Does Public Service Media Matter?  Or order a printed copy of the report for £10.50 (cost price including postage).


CMF plans a series of research projects to add insights to the Public Service Media debate. The first of these, from our partners at Dubit, explores young people's attitudes and concerns. Initial findings are summarised here: State of the Nation Exec Summary


CMF is staging public events to debate the future of public service media for young people. The first of these - on the future of funding - took place on 17th November 2021: Show Me The Money

The second event in the season reflects a theme that emerged from the Public Service Media Report - Listening to Kids - Young Voices on Media Choices, brings together research from Kids Know Best and a trio of experts who contributed to the PSM Report for an insightful discussion of the screen choices 12-14 years olds are making in the UK today.

We need to take children’s TV seriously.  Because nothing is more serious than our children.

Frank Cottrell Boyce, author and screenwriter

The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)