The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)


Translating research into action is at the heart of the Children's Media Foundation's aims and activities. 

Research informs our lobbying, underpins our support for media literacy initiatives, and feeds our contributions to the debates around children's media.

The CMF is connected to the academic, institutional and commercial research communities in a variety of ways:

  • Our Academic Advisory Board includes the leading figures in children's media research - in all its forms - from across the UK.
  • The CMF supports research proposals and advises on research projects which shed light on children's media activities.
  • We depend upon research to support our campaign and lobbying activities, and to better inform parents, the press, policy makers and Parliamentarians, through the All Party Group, as to the value of media for children as well as the challenges it faces.
  • We connect university-based research with children's content practitioners - to ensure studies are timely, focused, and based in the real world of children's media.
  • We advise and connect institutional researchers (such as regulatory bodies).
  • Over time, we aim to develop a new relationship between academic and commercial researchers. Agencies can quickly explore attitudes and trends amongst the children's and family audience. This information can then be used to catalyse longer-term, in-depth studies by academic researchers.
  • We have commissioned accessible reviews of key research studies for our Research for Parents pages which answer FAQs on the issues many parents face when considering their children's use of media.

If you wish to contribute to our research agenda, contact us on:

The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)