The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)

CMF Supported Research

The CMF supports research to enhance public understanding and inform campaign and lobbying activity.

CMF Sponsored Research Projects:

  • In February 2019 CMF released research conducted in partnership with research company Dubit exploring young people's perceptions of their use of screen time, how it might be limited or controlled, and how screen activity on social media or gaming affects them.
  •  In 2016 the CMF supported research by Professor Jeanette Steemers into contestable funds and how they operate in a variety of territories: "Policy Solutions and International Perspectives on the Funding of Public Service Media Content for Children: A Report for Stakeholders".  Executive summary  &  Full Report.
  • Parent Portal - reviews of key research into FAQs asked by parents concerned about their children's media use.  Questions were researched by Dubit Ltd (Leeds).  Reviews were conducted in 2013 by Jonathan Hancock at Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh, under the supervision of Prof. Lydia Plowman
  • Literature Review - exploring research into the positive effects of media for children. Commissioned by Save Kids' TV (2007) from Dr Kaoruko Kondo, of CAMRI (Communication and Media Research Institute), University of Westminster.
  • Report by Jack Blumenau, LSE, on the extent to which other territories support  production and broadcasting of children's TV programmes with quotas, grants and tax concessions, compared to the UK's support in 2010-11.  This report was commissioned by CMF's predecessor organisation -Save Kids' TV.