The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)


The British Board of Film Classification is a trusted guide to media content. Working as an independent, self-financing and not-for-profit media content regulator, the BBFC operates transparent, consistent and trusted classification and labelling systems in the UK.

The BBFC's role is to:

  • protect  the public, and especially children, from content which might raise harm risks
  • empower the public, especially parents, to make informed viewing choices
  • recognise and respect adult freedom of choice within the law
  • respond to and reflect changing social attitudes towards media content through proactive public consultation and research
  • provide a cost-effective, efficient classification service within our statutory remit
  • work in partnership with the industry to develop innovative service models to provide content advice which support emerging media delivery systems
  • provide an effective service to enforcement agencies

The BBFC website is packed with information on how their ratings system works and what the classifications mean.

There is also a child and family friendly site CBBFC with everything kids need to know about movies and the classification system.

The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)