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Responding to the Crisis of Childhood

Join the CMF campaign to ensure UK kids benefit from the best possible media experiences.

We believe today’s children’s audience should be given access to the same range of culturally relevant, trusted and life-affirming content that was made available to previous generations. But that has to be in a form and on platforms that reflect the way children and young people live today.

The Children’s Media Foundation convened a Summit on the 28th February 2024 which considered the significant changes in the way young people discover and watch content, and how this impacts on their development, mental health and emotional well-being.

Ofcom research confirms that online video-sharing platforms are the main viewing destination for millions of UK children. While many of their viewing experiences are positive, these services are not regulated to support culturally-relevant, public service content. Children are no longer consistently experiencing content that connects them to UK culture and society, and validates their place in the world. This needs to change.

The Children's Media Foundation calls upon government to embrace the need for change and take action. This campaign goes beyond the current Media Bill and proposes a complete, considered reassessment of the funding and finding of public service content for young people in the UK.

Please support our campaign: Responding to the Crisis of Childhood.  You can read more on the issues and proposals for change in our campaign document.

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Latest Signatures
132 Maurice Frank autistic of the adult diagnosed generation Edinburgh Lothian Asperger Society May 17, 2024
131 P.G. Bell Parent and children's author/screenwriter May 08, 2024
130 Katharine Simpson Audience Development Officer Creative Scotland Apr 25, 2024
129 Emma Scott Chair World Book Day Apr 09, 2024
128 Wayne Griffiths Ambassador to Velndre Cancer Centre ,Chair Pontypridd Children’s Contact Centre ,Judge at English Speaking Union punlic speaking completion for young people Retired solicitor Mar 26, 2024
127 Tessa Moore Brand Director TG Entertainment Mar 21, 2024
126 nick wilson Observer! Mar 18, 2024
125 Liz Keynes Consultant Children and Family Entertainment Mar 16, 2024
124 Jon Rennie Managing Director Cloth Cat Mar 15, 2024
123 Elizabeth-Jane Baldry filmmaker Chagford Filmmaking Group Mar 13, 2024
122 Chris Rose Broadcaster / Producer Mar 13, 2024
121 Timothy Buxton Television Programme Executive Nevision Limited Mar 13, 2024
120 Dan Clemo Founder, Writer, Illustrator & Technologist Alternate Media Limited. Mar 12, 2024
119 Vera Slavtcheva-Petkova Reader in Global Journalism and Media University of Liverpool Mar 11, 2024
118 Eunice S. Y. Tang PhD Candidate UCL Institute of Education Mar 11, 2024
117 Marion Edwards Executive Producer (None) Mar 10, 2024
116 Sheila Little Councillor Mar 09, 2024
115 Elaine McElroy Project Manager BFI Mar 09, 2024
114 Naomi Channell Parent and Producer Curve Media Mar 08, 2024
113 Keith Clear Grandparent Mar 08, 2024
112 Michael Towner Children’s Media Exec Freelance Mar 08, 2024
111 Dave Ingham Writer Loud Productions Lrd Mar 08, 2024
110 Becky Bates Parent Mar 07, 2024
109 Owen Stickler Lecturer in Animation Cardiff School of Art and Design Mar 07, 2024
108 Georgina Hurcombe PRODUCER / MD LOVELOVE/POP PAPER CITY Mar 07, 2024
107 claire jennings Producer Self Emplyed Mar 07, 2024
106 Dan Edgley Director Ritzy Animation Mar 07, 2024
105 Tim Bain Writer/Creator/Producer Tim Bain Mar 07, 2024
104 Ashley Woodfall Associate Professor in Children's Media Bournemouth University Mar 07, 2024
103 Carla Herbertson Director / Co Founder Small Wardour ltd Mar 07, 2024
102 Cardy O’Donnell Parent Mar 06, 2024
101 Sharon Capper TV Floor Manager Mar 06, 2024
100 Julian Bashford Show Creator BooSnoo! Mar 06, 2024
99 David Moore Screenwriter Script Bunny Limited Mar 06, 2024
98 Kate Corbin Producer Mar 06, 2024
97 Laura Scrivano Writer/Director Anybody's Ghost Mar 06, 2024
96 Jon Dalgaard Writer Mar 06, 2024
95 Hodan Mohamed Writer Mar 06, 2024
94 Isabel Fay Children's screenwriter Mar 06, 2024
93 Jeanette Steemers Academic King's College London Mar 06, 2024
92 Ben Halliwell Freelance Director Mar 06, 2024
91 Katie Simmons Director King Banana TV Mar 06, 2024
90 Emma Boucher Writer Mar 06, 2024
89 Susan Pleat Writer Pipkins Productions Ltd Mar 06, 2024
88 Nicola Schofield Parent/Writer Unity House Productions Mar 06, 2024
87 Adam Roche Parent Mar 06, 2024
86 Rebecca Watson Writers’ Agent and parent Valerie Hoskins Associates Mar 06, 2024
85 Cecilia Thwaites Parent Mar 05, 2024
84 Nandita Jain Director/ parent Freelance Mar 05, 2024
83 Helen Blakeman Screenwriter Mar 05, 2024

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