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CMF@CMC’24 : AI and Kids – Talk to the Bot

CMF is engaged with the Alan Turing Institute and others in exploring the ethical issues around how children interact with AI. At the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield (9-11th July 2024) CMF’s Nikki Stearman produced a session to inform delegates about the dates ideas and issues. She reports here on the session examining the impact of […]

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CMF at CMC ’24: the Debate -YouTube or Bust?

Last year’s CMC Debate led to the Children’s Media Summit which made it clear, the children’s media industry needs to be where the children are.  A few months down the line, what does that mean in practice. Deputy Director of the CMF, Colin Ward, reports back on the debate that asked: “YouTube or Bust?” Let’s […]

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CMF@CMC’24: Question Time

The Children’s Media Conference 2024 opened its first full day with Question Time, produced as usual by CMF. The largest cinema at Sheffield’s Showroom was packed, with an overspill to the room next door, as delegates wanted to see and hear a panel of senior industry figures discuss questions about the most pressing issues for […]

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Dr Gregory Boardman, CMF Executive Member and producer, has written a detailed note on the discussions at the Children’s Media Summit on the 28th February 2024. For those involved in conversations behind the scenes, and the pre-summit discussions, it was probably something of a relief to see Nigel Pickard take to the stage at BFI […]

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Game-Changing Speech Reflects Realities of Kids’ Media

CMF’s concerns about the shortcomings of the Media Bill currently being debated in Parliament were brought into the public eye on 21st November 2023 during a speech on the Second Reading of the Bill by the Shadow Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport, Thangam Debbonnaire MP. The Labour spokesperson was broadly supportive of […]

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Children’s Media Summit Progress

The latest news on the planned Summit for Children’s Media – promised by CMF in September – is that the initial consultative process is completed.  It was a unique coming-together of stakeholders with perspectives on the state of the industry and its relationship with the audience. After 9 hours of meetings brilliantly chaired by Emma […]

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King’s Speech – Nov 7th 2023

On November 7th the King announced the Parliamentary timetable for the next session and the Media Bill is part of that programme. The government hopes that, having removed its proposal to privatise Channel 4, passage of the Bill will be relatively uncontroversial. However, a coalition of audience-focused bodies which includes the Children’s Media Foundation, has […]

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Draft Media Bill Update

Audience advocates such as CMF and the Voice of the Listener and Viewer have reacted positively to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee’s report on the Government’s Draft Media Bill.  Having scrutinized the Bill in detail and taken evidence from many organisations and individuals, the Select Committee found it lacked teeth on the subject […]

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Online Safety Bill Becomes Law

Finally, after six long years, the Online Safety Bill is ready for Royal Assent.  It was first mooted as the “Online Harms” White Paper (in 2019) with the Government committing to “make Britain the safest place to be online, particularly for children”. It has been and remains controversial: with child protection agencies demanding that the […]

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Sleepwalking into the Future

Anna Home OBE, Chair, The Media Foundation and Greg Childs OBE, Director, The Children’s Media Foundation, wrote this introductory article to the Children’s Media Yearbook 2023 Time For Radical Solutions? For the Children’s Media Foundation (CMF), this year has been dominated by our increasing concern over the long-term future of public service media (PSM) for […]

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