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The Children’s Media Yearbook 2024

The Children’s Media Yearbook brings together the voices of media creators, researchers, regulators, policy makers  and advocates for children and young people.

The Yearbook is intended to stimulate debate on children’s media and the lives of young people. It is the annual ‘book of record’ for the key issues, innovation and development across the entire range of media that children experience.

The Children's Media Yearbook 2024 - available now

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Highlights in this edition:

Paul Lindley on "How to Build a Better Future for our Children": High quality British children’s content will become scarce and could become extinct. Parents, politicians and producers all need to step up before it’s too late.

Patricia Hidalgo BBC Children's and Education on "Why do we Care?": We care so much about our audience that we have been prepared to radically redefine our children’s TV business in order to keep reaching them with public service content.

Plus: Bagpuss, Local TV, the Legacy of the YACF, Africa's Kids' Content, Bluey and Australian TV, Pocoyo, Toddler Attention, Rethinking Short-form, Digital Play Design, Kidinfluencers, Cosmic Kids Yoga and many more fascinating articles.

The Children's Media Yearbook 2024 

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The Children's Media Yearbook 2024 

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