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The Children’s Media Yearbook 2022

The Children’s Media Yearbook brings together the voices of media creators, researchers,  policy developers and advocates – as well as of children and young people themselves.

The Yearbook is intended to stimulate debate that will inform and impact productively on children’s media and the lives of young people. It is the ‘book of record’ for the key issues and developments across the entire range of media that children experience.

The Children's Media Yearbook 2022 - available to buy now

Yearbook 2022 Contents

Previews of Yearbook 2022 articles:

Industry Under Pressure, Audience Under Threat by Anna Home OBE, Chair the Children's Media Foundation

Can we Help our Children Save the Planet by Gary Pope CEO of KI

The Metaverse: Words of Definition and Caution on the Word of the Year by Japhet Asher

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The Children's Media Yearbook 2022 

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The Children's Media Yearbook 2022 

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Children are curious and playful, and they want to see their world reflected realistically back at them. Lenny Henry (Yearbook 2016)

Media for kids matters – even when it’s about seeing the funny side of life. Dick and Dom (Yearbook 2017)

The Yearbook contributes significantly to our understanding of the issues faced by the kids’ media sector, year-on-year. Sue Nott (Yearbook 2022)

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