The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)


[Corporate Supporter]_01The Children's Media Foundation would like to express its thanks to the Patrons who support the organisation.


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  • Laura Henry Allain
  • Sarah Baynes
  • Greg Boardman
  • Phil Clements
  • Peter Crowley
  • Máire Messenger Davies
  • Jackie Edwards
  • John Kent
  • Sheila Little
  • Jon Mason
  • Russell Miller
  • Sandy Nuttgens
  • Michael Omer
  • Allan Plenderleith
  • Mikael Shields
  • Jeanette Steemers
  • Jocelyn Stevenson
  • Jeremy Swan
  • Lynn Whitaker
  • Andy Williams
  • David Wood OBE

Children’s media is arguably the most important media, playing a vital role in shaping each new generation.  The CMF presses for children to be provided with the media they need, as well as the media they want, promoting integrity amongst providers.  And the CMF vigorously campaigns for improved status and funding for this too often undervalued sector.

David Wood OBE, Actor, Playwright, Director and Magician, CMF Patron

The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)